IBI Group helps MBTA roll out new service alert system

MBTA has rolled out an improved T-Alerts service to keep Boston-area customers informed about service disruptions.


June 4, 2013

BOSTON – Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has rolled out a more detailed, streamlined T-Alerts service to keep customers informed about service disruptions.

The improved system goes into effect today, offering MBTA’s 1.3 million daily users faster access to more detailed information about trip times, delays, and service schedule changes. Users can apply filters to get only the information relevant to their own routes or stops.

IBI Group designed the system used by the MBTA to enter and manage service alerts, interfaces to the MBTA web-site, Google Maps, and an e-mail/SMS service, as well as a web services API for third-party application developers.

“Our team in Boston worked very closely with the MBTA’s technical and operations staff in the design and implementation of the system,” said Carl-Henry Piel, IBI Group director responsible for the project. “The MBTA has an impressive team of professionals who are dedicated to improving service quality and customer experience, and IBI Group is privileged to be working collaboratively with them. We’re very proud of the work that has been done, and we’re looking forward to implementing the next stages of the project.”

In the next phase, the system will include realtime vehicle location and arrival predictions for MBTA’s subway and commuter rail. All real-time data – alerts, locations, and predictions – will be available in a uniform format across transit modes.

The prior system, launched in 2007, has proved popular with over 50,000 current subscribers. The new system provides MBTA customers with significant improvements that allow them to select transit service information that is relevant to their specific needs.

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