IBI Group resumes work on Greek toll road project

The Greek government has announced the reactivation of the EKPPT toll road project in western Greece.


June 6, 2013

GREECE – The Greek government has announced the reactivation of the Elefsina-Korinthos-Patra-Pyrgos-Tsakona (EKPPT) toll road project in western Greece.

The EKPPT project involves the design, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of a 365,4 km motorway, to be run as 30-year concession by a private operator. The EKPPT motorway has strategic significance for the region because it will improve mobility in the south-western part of Greece, decreasing travel time and facilitating business activity.

IBI Group is responsible for the toll collection system portion of the project, including design and engineering, supply of the toll software, integration and configuration, testing and commissioning, documentation, training, software support, and maintenance.

On May 17, IBI Group received the go-ahead to resume work on toll system features for Phase 1 (Elefsina- Korinthos) and the full delivery of the Central System design and software functions.

“Our staff has already mobilised for the delivery of the first phase,” said Antulio Richetta, IBI Group Director in charge of the project. “We’re looking forward to implementing the next stages of the project.”

In its final form, EKPPT – whose project contract price is $21 million euros – will have 9 mainline and 28 ramp toll stations with 138 mainline lanes and 56 ramp lanes.

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