Delta Hotels unveils flagship Toronto hotel

Delta Hotels and Resorts has unveiled its new Toronto flagship hotel, designed by Page + Steele/IBI Group Architects.


November 14, 2013

TORONTO – Delta Hotels and Resorts has unveiled its new Toronto flagship hotel – designed by Page + Steele/IBI Group Architects – during a topping-off event marking the completion of the hotel’s 46th floor.

Scheduled to open in late 2014, the Delta Toronto, located in Toronto’s South Core, will usher in the next generation of four-star, full-service hotels for Delta. Soaring 160 metres and 46 floors, the hotel has 567 rooms complemented by full banquet and conference facilities.

“The building represents the best in global hospitality design and will contribute significantly to the enhancement of the urban landscape of the city, particularly Toronto’s South Core,” said Mansoor Kazerouni, Project Architect. “It embodies Delta’s core values of community building, innovation, and excellence, and will rapidly become an important part of the city’s architectural identity as it assumes its prominent position in the skyline.”

The LEED-certified hotel will benefit from innovative technologies that include heat recovery ventilation and low-flow fixtures, smartcards controlling room lighting and air based on suite occupancy, green roofs throughout the building, and an urban forest which will create a unique green space with forested walkways and gardens.

For more information, contact Mansoor Kazerouni.

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