Latest Greek toll road system begins operations

Egnatia Odos, the latest IBI Group toll road system in Greece, has started operations.


December 26, 2013

ATHENS – The latest IBI Group toll road system in Greece has started operations.

Egnatia Odos is a 670-kilometer motorway with two traffic lanes in each direction, a central reserve lane, and an emergency lane. The motorway has six toll stations and a total of 53 plaza lanes, and runs from Igoumenitsa in the Prefecture of Thesprotia to Kipi in the Prefecture of Evros, linked with the borders of Albania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

Working for client Attikes Diadromes SA, IBI Group drew on resources in its Toronto and Athens offices for the project. Toronto provided the toll software. Athens was responsible for integration, configuration, testing, commissioning, documentation, and training.

Egnatia Odos brings the total number of IBI Group toll systems operating in Greece to five.

For more information, contact Antulio Richetta.


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