IBI Group celebrates 15 years in Greece

On June 12, IBI Group celebrated its 15th anniversary in Greece with a party hosted by the Canadian ambassador.


June 20, 2014

ATHENS – On June 12, IBI Group celebrated its 15th anniversary in Greece. The event took place under the auspices of Robert Peck, the Canadian ambassador to Greece, and his wife Mrs. Maria Pantazi-Peck.

Guests included representatives of the Greek Government, IBI Group executives, employees, clients, and partners of the company.

Among the guests were Bill Halkias, Managing Director and Jean Harito, General Manager of Attikes Diadromes, Dimitris Gatsonis, CEO of Aegean Motorway, Kostas Papandreou, Managing Director of Olympia Odos, and Ioannis Dimitropoulos COO of Moreas SA, Konstantinos Maniatopoulos, President of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund, Dimitrios Kefallinos of the Directorate of Construction Works and Road Maintenance (DKESO), and Konstantinos Katsigiannis, President of the Greek-Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

After welcoming the guests, Mr. Peck explained how IBI Group Hellas had the opportunity to deploy the tolling and traffic management system for Attiki Odos under challenging conditions. The Ambassador recognized Mr. Halkias and his team, as well as the support by Leonidas Bobolas and Demetrios Koutras, with whom IBI Hellas was able to deliver a major system on time.

IBI Group has gone on to become a recognized leader in the deployment of tolling and traffic management systems, with the staff in Greece supporting projects around the world including India, North America, and Mexico.

Antulio Richetta, the Director of IBI Group Hellas, focused his comments on the success of the company during the 15 years of project work in Greece, from the very early days of the Athens International Airport, the Athens Traffic Management system for the 2004 Olympics, and the Santorini and Tripoli Airport Masterplans, to the Aegean, Attiki Odos, Korinth-Tripoli-Kalamata, and Olympia Odos motorways and the Egnatia Odos project.

Looking to the future, Mr. Richetta stressed that IBI Group Hellas is looking forward to the new voyages with its clients and talked about the key IBI themes of “defining and delivering the new cities and human environments of tomorrow” and “making a better and smarter Greece that supports its citizens, cities, and regions.”


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