IBI Group takes part in Global Cities challenge

IBI Group is partnering with the public and private sector to deliver Portland’s response to the Global City Teams Challenge.


November 21, 2014

PORTLAND – IBI Group is partnering with the City of Portland, Portland State University, the Technology Association of Oregon, Verizon Wireless, NetCity, and Intel Corporation to deliver Portland’s response to the Global City Teams Challenge.

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and several partners kicked off the year-long Global City Teams Challenge to help communities around the world work together to address issues ranging from air quality to traffic management to emergency services coordination.

NIST invited communities and innovators to create teams that will foster the spread of “smart cities” that take advantage of networked technologies to better manage resources and improve quality of life.

“We are very excited to be an integral part of this partnership that showcases Portland’s role in the growing Smart Cities ecosphere,” said Adrian Pearmine, IBI Group Associate Director. “There’s a lot of buzz about Smart Cities, Big Data and the Internet of Things, but it’s important that we get beyond the hype and into some real deployments, to start demonstrating the true value of our networked communities to those who matter most—the people who live there.”

“The City of Portland’s response to the Global Cities Challenge is an important first step down this path,” he added. “IBI Group looks forward to our role in making this a reality.”

On October 21, IBI Group hosted the initial Global Cities Challenge Working Group meeting, including senior representatives from all of the partner organizations, in the IBI office in downtown Portland. This group will meet monthly for the remainder of the year, culminating in the presentation of Portland’s response at the Global City Teams Festival in June 2015.

For more information about the Challenge:

Visit NIST’s website

Visit US Ignite’s website

For more information about IBI Group’s role in this challenge, contact Adrian Pearmine in the Portland office.

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