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Disruptive Innovation to Rethink Education

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...ways could enable colleges to lower costs while increasing equality in higher education. An underused college building could become a new public library offering credentialed on-line university courses, among other...


What Would Cities Designed by Women Look Like?

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Leading exceptions, like Jane Jacobs and Janette Sadik-Khan aside, citymaking remains a male-dominated profession. Confronting this reality, the Guardian Cities spoke with a number of prominent female urbanists...


The Changing Face of Architecture

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When I entered university there were about 80 students in our class, 15 women and 65 men. Eventually, 5 girls quit the program, or switched to other fields,...


The Many Health Benefits of Urban Nature

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Doctor’s are becoming more aware of the health benefits of urban nature, some are even prescribing time in green spaces for patients. We’ve written about this before, and...

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