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The Yale Hotel Rehabilitation Design Wins Heritage Award

/ 2015 / 05 / 07 / the-yale-hotel-rehabilitation-design-wins-city-of-vancouver-heritage-award-of-honour
...The City of Vancouver selected The Yale Hotel Rehabilitation, for which IBI Group was the architect, for a 2015 Heritage Award of Honour. The Yale Hotel is one of...


London Architecture: Dynamic, Historic, Diverse

/ ibi-ideas / london-architecture-dynamic-historic-diverse
...Copyright by GNU Free Documentation Licence version 1.2, from Wikimedia Commons The Cathedral survived direct hits during the blitz and has born witness to many historical changes in the last...


IBI Group Recognized for Architecture and Urban Design

/ 2017 / 01 / 13 / ibi-group-recognized-for-industry-leading-architecture-and-urban-design
...Salient Group’s Trapp + Holbrook condominium development in New Westminster, located in Greater Vancouver, won a UDI Award for Excellence in Heritage Design. The former Holbrook Building façade was restored...
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Old Power Plants, New Energy

/ ibi-ideas / old-power-plants-new-energy
...and is a remarkable piece of architecture, gaining designation as a National Historic Site of Canada in 1983. But despite it’s beautiful classical facade and historical significance, the plant has...


Maintaining Neon Glory

/ ibi-ideas / maintaining-neon-glory
...shut down? Does the city have a duty to protect the signs themselves as historic, adding them as a heritage landmark and ensuring they are preserved regardless of who moves...


Reusing Industrial Buildings in an Urban Core

/ ibi-ideas / reusing-industrial-buildings-urban-core
...into an urban space, finding a use for these buildings became imperative. The city’s solution was to maintain the exteriors and historic signage, and thus the traditional industrial character of...

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