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Jane’s Walk Weekend

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...the ideas of renowned urbanist Jane Jacobs, 2017 marks the 11th annual Jane’s Walk weekend. Covering a range of topics limited only by participants’ imaginations, free, locally organized, tours will...


Jane Jacobs & Holes in the Wall

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...community growth, but it doesn’t stop there. Writing in 1956, Jane Jacobs underlines the importance of “hole in the wall” shops and restaurants. From her street-level perspective, these places, and...


Jane Jacobs was Right

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...In her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jane Jacobs recorded her observations on city building from Greenwich Village in New York City. Notably, she identified...


Family-Friendly Cities?

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...Benjamin Schwarz contrasts the diversity and vibrancy of Jane Jacobs’ Greenwich Village with the form that exists today. Arguing that today’s VUNs are devolving into “adult playgrounds”, he notes that...


Everything is Connected to Everything Else

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...In the 50 years since the release of The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jane Jacobs‘ work has been celebrated and critiqued in a diversity of ways....


Industrial Revolution: Renewing the Rust Belt

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...major interest to Uber. Second, Jane Jacobs once said that, “New ideas need old buildings.” Now, in many thriving cities, old buildings are preserved for heritage, limiting their capacity for...


What Would Cities Designed by Women Look Like?

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...Leading exceptions, like Jane Jacobs and Janette Sadik-Khan aside, citymaking remains a male-dominated profession. Confronting this reality, the Guardian Cities spoke with a number of prominent female urbanists to...


Ecology, Design Patterns & the Self-Building City

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...Jacobs championed, driving up costs and limiting fine grain development. He proposes the re-application of Christopher Alexander’s design language to urbanism. The article critiques large developers but, ironically, this strategy...


IBI Group enhances board with two new directors

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...TORONTO – IBI Group Inc. is pleased to announce the election of Jane Bird and Dr. Juri Pill as independent Directors to its Board of Directors. They were elected...

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