Our Story


At IBI Group, we empower you to discover your place, make your mark, and shape your future. A career you can define…Discover it!

We believe that letting you “hit the ground running” and work immediately on some of the world’s most exciting projects is the best way to transform your potential into performance, and your enthusiasm into excellence. Instead of a conventional hierarchy approach, the culture at IBI Group is refreshingly open, innovative, progressive, collaborative, creative, and entrepreneurial. We value individuals – not job titles.

All of our professionals are encouraged to pool their knowledge, combine their talents, and work together on exciting projects worldwide. It’s just one of the reasons why so many talented individuals start, develop, and establish their rewarding careers here. Reaching your goals, while maintaining a work-life balance, is one of the pillars to achieving a successful career.

We believe that personal growth and professional growth go hand-in-hand. That’s why we support your educational initiatives, completion of licenses and certifications, memberships in professional societies, seminar and conference attendance, and ongoing training and development. We invest in your leading-edge knowledge, and are partners in your long-term professional success.

And of course we love having fun and creating memories that last a lifetime! Whether you’re enjoying a summertime BBQ, sharing smiles at a holiday party, volunteering in the community, or any other event, the “small company” family feeling we foster makes a difference.