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At IBI Group, we consider every team member an important part of our success. We’ve made it easy for you to stay connected with existing and upcoming opportunities. If you want to become a member of our team, but did not see a position that fits your profile, sign up for our talent community and stay connected.

Unauthorized individuals and organizations sometimes fraudulently use the IBI Group brand in an attempt to solicit fees from potential job seekers, promising placement in a position with IBI Group. If you are looking to join the IBI Group team, please read below and keep this information handy when pursuing a position with IBI Group.

Scammers advertise jobs just as legitimate employers would through job boards and other advertisements, but there are important signs to look for in identifying a posting that may be falsified.

  • Check the email address origin. IBI Group recruiters, team members and personnel should have an email address ending in Any point of contact that does not have that email address origin is not a part of the IBI Group recruiting team. Scammers will try to make very similar email address domains, so make sure to check that it is only from a address.
  • Requests for placement fees to expedite the hiring process. If you are contacted by anyone offering employment with IBI Group, you should never be asked to pay a fee for recruiting.
  • A communication requests money in exchange for guaranteed employment. Any communication requesting any amount of money in exchange for employment with IBI Group is fraudulent. These communications do not originate from IBI Group and are not associated with the recruitment process. IBI Group and its family of companies never charges candidates fees or payments of any kind in order to secure employment.
  • A communication requests payment as a fee for certification, training materials or other work-related expenses. IBI Group does not require payment for any materials as part of its recruiting process.
  • Requests for tax, bank account or credit card information. IBI Group recruiters do not require the completion of tax forms such as a W-4, bank account or credit card information as part of the recruiting process. As a precaution, we recommend you do not disclose personal or financial details to anyone as a response to an unsolicited email request.
  • Offers for work at home opportunities. IBI Group does not currently offer any work at home opportunities.


If you are contacted regarding a fraudulent employment proposal, IBI Group encourages candidates to alert a local law enforcement agency or police authority.

The Federal Trade Commission also has a reporting service on their website for those who have been targeted by a recruiting scam.