How do I apply for one of IBI’s student opportunities?

Jobs are posted on our website, as well as your school’s job board. Feel free to apply directly to us, but in some cases students must also apply through their school. Click here to find a position with us today.

When do you typically hire students?

Students typically start with us in January, May, and September. Jobs are posted on our website/school job boards about three to four months in advance of the anticipated start date (for example, for September starts, jobs are posted in June).

Do you visit all universities and colleges?

Unfortunately, we don’t visit all campuses across Canada, but we still welcome applicants from the schools we’re unable to visit in person. Check out our “Events” section for details on where we’re going to be!

Do you hire students who aren’t part of a formal co-op/internship program?

Our internships are only for students in a designated program; however, we hire students in the summer months between May and August for our summer positions.