IBI Group, Beijing

  • Contact Info
  • The Sky Plaza, Suite 1601-1605
    No. 46, Dongzhimenwai Avenue
    Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100027

  • Tel: +86 21 6372-1199
  • Fax: +86 21 3376-7559
  • Office Contact: Jeff Liu
  • Overview

IBI Group China is comprised of registered architects, planners, and landscape architects and a team of senior, locally registered Class 1 architects and local professionals.

We\’ve had offices in Beijing and Shanghai for more than 10 years; our professionals are locally based and posses a firm understanding of Chinese culture and code. These professionals ensure our designs are to an international standard while providing a unique and in-depth perspective.

We offer services in urban planning, landscape architecture, architecture, interior design, and feasibility studies. We have a strong expertise and experience in planning, architectural design, resort design/planning, and landscape architectural design across China. With our experience we bring added value to all projects, striving to enrich the local communities through integrated, sustainable, attractive, and functional design.