Ageless Living

It’s no longer necessary to assume you’ll live in one place and retire in another. We’re developing new senior environments in the least expected spot: the same places they already call home. It’s happening through timeless design with an emphasis on comfort and access — leading to healthier, longer-lasting homes and communities.

IBI Group Seniors Communities was formed to focus on Seniors Residential projects — both assisted and independent living — drawing together our expertise and experience in the sectors of Hospitality, Health Care and High Density Residential. Together, we’re exploring new ways to weave sustainable design and healthy-living principles into these communities, and changing the way we think about aging-in-place.

Selfhelp Community Services KVII

New York, NY

This 15-story, 92-unit residence is intuitively designed and technologically enabled for empowered senior living, classified as a Non-Profit Residence for the Elderly (NPRE) under NYC Zoning Code.

Home Today, Home Tomorrow

Memphis, TN

In 2016, IBI Group claimed 1st prize in the ‘Re-defining Home: Home Today, Home Tomorrow’ design challenge with our highly adaptable, age-friendly “Inter-Active Living” entry. 

Focusing on age-friendly cities