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A proven, innovative approach to reducing system-wide operational energy costs of water distribution assets in real-time.

BlueIQ™ by IBI Group is an innovative software solution, integrating with SCADA, that assists with the control of water pumps and valves. It has been proven to reduce system-wide energy costs, with an associated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, by more efficiently using existing water distribution assets.

Using predictive analytics, BlueIQ provides significant benefits to urban water utilities including:

  • Reducing operating costs
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reducing operator variances due to hybrid automation
  • Operating within the required level of water quality and service delivery to customers

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Solving Toronto’s supply challenges

The Toronto Water Transmission System serves the City of Toronto and southern portion of York Region, and is supplied primarily by four water filtration plants located at the north shore of Lake Ontario. Serving a population of four million, it is the largest water system in Canada and one of the largest in North America.

While the City of Toronto and York Region provide the water delivery requirements to customers in a cost effective and uninterrupted manner, the complexity of the water system and energy tariff structure present opportunities for optimizing the pumping strategy to minimize operational energy costs in real-time.

BlueIQ is a software solution that accomplishes the objective of minimizing water pumping costs while meeting the required water quality and level of service for delivery to customers. The solution integrates with the SCADA system and uses a variety of other real-time input data feeds including the established water hydraulic model.

BlueIQ by IBI Group has been in operation since 2015. Toronto Hydro, the local energy distribution company, and Toronto Water have verified a reduction of approximately 8 million kWh per year equating to over $1 million in cost savings through reduced kWh consumption alone. There are additional system-wide cost reductions from managing time-of-use kWh energy prices, peak kW demand charges, and the various source production costs.

Download our BlueIQ case study to learn more

“This is a completely new technology package that provided a customized solution for Toronto. Combining all the real-time inputs, with an accurate calibrated hydraulic model, and generating a proven and effective advanced pump schedule has significantly reduced Toronto Water's operating costs.”

–Toronto Water

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