Regional Transportation Management System

  • Project Details

IBI Group has been contracted to provide a regional transportation management system that will operate in a regional centre that provides services for the greater Vancouver area as well as rural regions throughout British Columbia.

The project integrates a number of control centres into one control room and also brings together a large number of other traffic-related information sources including e911, transit, and video systems, as well as a regional cell phone probe technology system.

Other system integration includes tunnel SCADA, safety, security and management systems. The full integration package allows automated traffic system responses as well as allowing for regional operators to have and a high degree of situational awareness while coordinating responses to events.

The regional system also acts as the regional hub for providing real-time incident and video information to other agencies including Cities, Translink, Port Metro Vancouver, and the provincial 511 traveller and social media systems. This will help disseminate information about traffic congestion and incidents, resulting in increased efficiency and safety for the movement of people and goods.

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  • Client and Location
  • Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada