Regional Transportation Management Centre

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The Regional Transportation Management Centre (RTMC) is a focal point for monitoring and managing the transportation systems across Metro Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia. It is designed to enhance and support Intelligent Transportation Systems investments in the Province, which has been increasing due to the strategic importance of Metro Vancouver within the Asia Pacific Gateway, and other major improvements in the transportation system such as the Port Mann/Highway 1 project.

The vision of the RTMC was to be a multi-jurisdictional and multi-agency facility that acts as a central hub, and enables real time monitoring of traffic congestion and incident management; promotes regional data sharing and integration with public agencies and municipalities; and provides coordination of responses during emergency events.

IBI Group’s solution included the deployment of an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) that enables the Province to centralize its multiple operations centres at the Provincial Highways Conditions Centre, Lions Gate Bridge, George Massey Tunnel, and Cassiar Tunnel into the RTMC for integrated and highly more efficient and economical operations. The ATMS allows the Province to manage the entire provincial network and associate Dynamic Message Signs and CCTV cameras from a single software application.

IBI Group was the prime consultant in charge of the design and implementation of this project, and was also the contractor for software development, and integration of all hardware, software, and telecommunications elements.

The RTMC has helped the Province optimize its operations, increase the efficiency and safety of its transportation systems, and reduce environmental impacts.



  • Innovation and Organizational Excellence, Regional Premier’s Award, 2015
  • Client and Location
  • BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada