What We Do


Our vision is to create the best possible healthcare future for patients, the public, and healthcare teams alike, based on our fundamental understanding of the clinical and emotional needs of patients and families, the operational processes through which care is delivered, and the work environments necessary to deliver that care.

We think first and foremost about the patient and family
The healing environment is central to the wellbeing and recovery of the patient. As designers, we must always view the healthcare world from the perspective of the patient and their family. This provides a clear framework against which our designs are developed. Our designs integrate simple things like privacy and dignity, the patient’s perception and control of their immediate environment, and the organization of processes so that wherever possible “the process is brought to the patient” – not the other way round.

We look to simplify the clinical process
Clinical processes are increasingly complex and driven by the latest technology. Clinical governance demands that care pathways are followed rigorously. Economic pressures dictate that scarce resources deliver best value. Patients expect the best clinical outcomes. To assure quality, improve productivity and efficiency, and encourage innovation in healthcare delivery, we have developed a culture receptive to ‘lean’ thinking and the simplification of clinical processes

We practise evidence-based design
Clinicians have long been committed to the principle of evidence-based medicine and they expect nothing less from healthcare designers. Within IBI Group, we embrace this philosophy, looking to base designs on tried and tested principles wherever possible, and to test and evaluate new ideas. We have a significant body of knowledge that we can draw from, and are always looking to add to this knowledge through both design experience and our research and development team, THiNK.

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