What We Do

Research and Development

Research and development (R&D) is the heart and soul of innovation for successful companies. IBI Group has an impressive roster of clients for whom we have planned, designed, and built R&D facilities, including testing labs, research laboratories, and technical centers.

IBI Group not only provides architecture and engineering consulting services, but we are a partner who understands the process: locating and then tapping into government initiatives, securing funding, securing risk capital for emerging new technologies, and developing a base of well-trained scientists and managers who can turn good science into good business.

We develop facilities that meet these specialized requirements. Thriving research and development clusters have unique parameters and require attentive incubation. This complex process – from product development, through clinical trials or other testing, all the way to marketplace – incurs enormous costs and financial risk.

We understand these risks, and we can help mitigate the cost of R&D facilities. We know how to distill complex requirements, analyze operations, define project needs, design processes and facilities, and manage installation and construction to achieve the results our clients need.

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