What We Do

Geomatics and Surveying

Geomatics (or Surveying) locates or lays out points on the surface of the Earth, creating boundaries for deeds and land titles. It also helps locate infrastructure for servicing properties and helps position buildings relative to boundaries.

Our practice covers a full range of Geomatics services, ranging from court appearances as expert witnesses to the subdivision of land for a title creation.

A typical project starts with field surveys for data collection to facilitate the design process for planning, engineering, and architectural projects. With a design in hand, we create various plans – such as condominium, strata or subdivision plans – to register individual titles.

IBI Geomatics is technology-driven, and uses the latest tools for data capture and plan preparation. We use Real-Time Global Positioning systems and Robotic Total Stations, along with electronic field books for data capture and lay-out. This gives clients accurate and reliable data with faster turnaround times.

Our clients range from individual home owners to multi-national corporations. Our markets are as diverse as the skills and experience of our staff, and our services are tightly integrated with IBI Group’s architectural, planning, and civil engineering practices. This collaborative expertise sets us apart and is part of our unique “global intelligence/local knowledge” approach to urban development and transportation.

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