What We Do

Highway Design

IBI Group has very extensive and successful project experience in the design of roads and highways for public and private sector clients.

Our range of projects includes local road improvements, arterial road widenings and expansions, highway design, freeway rehabilitation and expansions, and complex freeway-to-freeway interchanges. We offer expertise in all design phases ranging from engineering surveys, feasibility studies, route location studies, traffic impact and operations study, preliminary design, environmental assessment, through to detailed design, tender documentation, and construction administration.

We offer in-house specialty design services including advanced traffic management systems, bridge engineering, environmental assessment, illumination and traffic signals design, and stormwater management to complement major transportation design projects.

RouteMapper, IBI Group’s geo-referenced highway video system, brings together spatially referenced digital imagery, mapping, and database technologies. The recorded data can be used to view networks and perform a range of asset data capture, measurement, and analysis functions. The RouteMapper team have extensive experience in Highway Surveying, Asset Management, Geographical Information Systems, Highway Maintenance, planning, and Pavement Engineering.

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