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“Adaptive Reuse” Best Match


Old Power Plants, New Energy

https: / / / ibi-ideas / old-power-plants-new-energy
...use will grant these buildings new life. If significant architecture sits in disrepair for decades, ought it still be preserved until a use is found? Does industrial adaptive reuse work...


Welcome to the Adaptive City

https: / / / ibi-ideas / welcome-to-the-adaptive-city
The industrial age has given way to the digital era, but what does that mean for our cities? Michael Carl, Director of Analysis and Studies at 2b AHEAD,...


Reusing Industrial Buildings in an Urban Core

https: / / / ibi-ideas / reusing-industrial-buildings-urban-core
...industry back into the city? This is something San Francisco is currently exploring with it’s PDR (Production, Distribution, Repair) zoning. Additionally, many adaptive reuse projects save only traditional brick-and-stone type...


Single-Use Items vs. City Streets: How to Reduce and Recycle in the Urban Arena

https: / / / ibi-ideas / single-use-items-vs-city-streets
...single-use food service items. How can we reduce and reuse in the urban arena? How do we integrate sustainability into this disposable culture, starting with on our streets? Vancouver has...


IBI Group-Designed Barnsley Market Opens to Public

https: / / / 2018 / 12 / 13 / ibi-group-designed-barnsley-market-opens-to-public
...streets and their relationship with existing streets; the retention and creative reuse of existing buildings; and the creation of a high-quality public realm. Featuring new retail and leisure facilities, family-friendly...
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A Driverless Future Is Not Just About the Cars

https: / / / ibi-ideas / driverless-future-not-just-cars uses, such as micro-housing, urban agriculture and neighbourhood facilities; Strategies for the reuse of street parking and excess road space, such as priority boarding areas on sidewalks for shared...


Smart City // Dumb City

https: / / / ibi-ideas / smart-city-dumb-city
The smart city comes with numerous benefits, from more adaptive mobility systems to enhanced service coordination, but when does a smart city turn dumb? In an insightful article, New Scientist...

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