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“Administration” Best Match


Building Coastal Resilience

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...Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration officially defines coastal resilience as “the ability to adapt to changing conditions and withstand—and rapidly recover from—disruption due...


International Women’s Day: Architects, Urbanists & Engineers

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...have found myself by circumstance and by choice, leading projects during the construction administration phase. During this phase of design and construction, the architect works with the contractor and owner...


Building Living Shorelines

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...edge. As described by the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, there are additional sustainability benefits to these “living” designs: “Living shorelines are a green infrastructure technique using native vegetation alone...


The Commercialisation of Higher Education

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...having on students’ experiences? published an article about a Russian survey conducted by Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) Expert Analysis Centre, where 56% of...

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