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“Density” Best Match


Low-Rise // High-Density

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...housing. Balancing quality of life, good design and cost has remained a stubborn challenge, however.Numerous designs have been tested, with varying success. Recently, a low-rise, high-density approach has regained popularity....


Restoring Density

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Across Canada, a renewed interest in urbanity is leading to density increases unheard of in more than a generation. As Corporate Knights writes, not all density is equal however. Suburban...


Hidden Density: The Growing Case for ADUs

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...governments as a way to ease growing housing crises’. An accessory dwelling unit is an additional, self-contained unit added to an existing property, often above what the zoned density would...


What is the Healthiest Density for a City?

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...benefits as a dense urban core, while still maintaining the “feel” of a single family neighbourhood. Photo Credit: Missing Middle Housing The healthiest density for a city is any density...


What We Talk About When We Talk About Density

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they invoke “density”? Thankfully, The Conversation has taken the time to break down the various interpretations (and misinterpretations) of density. From population density (typically measured as residents per hectare, based...


Drone City

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Cities are compelled to respond to technology’s growing presence in our lives, while companies compete to save the day. Now, in the preparation for the imminent arrival of drone services,...

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