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“Inequality” Best Match


Food Deserts: A Problem on their own or a Problem of Inequality?

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Are food deserts a problem of geography? Should we better distribute access to fresh food, or would tackling income inequality better solve this problem? According to an article by Richard...


Women Walking and the “Gender Step Gap”

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countries with highest activity inequality are 196% more likely to be obese than individuals from the 5 countries with lowest activity inequality.” While this highlight alone is profound, reading further...


Upcoming Urban Reads

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...Kolkata in elegant imagery. His work was nominated for an RL Poetry award.   How to Kill a City: Gentrification, Inequality, and the Fight for the Neighborhood Peter Moskowitz March...


Fresh Food for the Smart City

https: / / / ibi-ideas / fresh-food-for-the-smart-city one way in which this inequality manifests itself. Food deserts are present in some of the world’s most affluent cities, the same cities where food waste is reaching record...


Smart Garbage Bins in a Smart City

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...the streets improve public WiFi access? New York City has been testing integrated wifi with garbage bins to tackle internet inequality. *Wifi Garbage Cans in NYC – Image via BigBelly...


Four Steps of Creative Placemaking

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...danger and inequality. To combat this, many grassroots community projects have taken back derelict public spaces through arts-based initiatives, now known as placemaking. The success of these public spaces coupled...

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