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“Innovative Housing” Best Match


Are Community Land Trusts the Key to Affordable Housing?

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Housing Federation of BC. [Their] mission is to acquire, create and preserve affordable housing for future generations with a focus on development and redevelopment of co-operative and non-profit housing.” Vancouver’s...


A Home for Tomorrow? The Rise of YIMBY

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scene: music! Stockholm has Skövlarsyntharen (available on Spotify & YouTube). Can we get some YIMBY G-funk from the LBC? ABUNDANT HOUSING VANCOUVER Abundant Housing Vancouver emerged as the prominent YIMBY...


Affordable Housing for Cars or for People?

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...costs, but it also means that more lots are able to support housing. Reduced parking minimums help lot and project feasibility, meaning more space can be used for housing units...


The Future of Shared Housing

https: / / / ibi-ideas / future-shared-housing
member of the home. An example of one of these housing models is RareBirds Housing Co-Operative in Kamloops, BC. In a short documentary, members of the RareBird Co-Op shared their...


Hidden Density: The Growing Case for ADUs

https: / / / ibi-ideas / hidden-density-growing-case-adus in their municipal boundaries. Even with all this additional housing stock, Vancouver is still facing a housing crisis- the same housing crisis that was discussed when making the original...


The Cost of Housing and Opportunity for Innovation

https: / / / ibi-ideas / cost-housing-canada-us
to borrow ideas from places like Vienna and Singapore, but tailored to local settings. Other solutions include a revival and update of cooperative housing, housing tailored to specific groups such...


Japanese Architects Explore the Future of Housing

https: / / / ibi-ideas / japanese-architects-explore-the-future-of-housing
Bringing together some of Japan’s top architects and leading domestic and international companies, HOUSE VISION 2016 is underway in Tokyo. Made up of 12 housing and public space prototypes, the...


School Districts: Unlikely Affordable Housing Developers?

https: / / / ibi-ideas / school-districts-unlikely-affordable-housing-developers
land and doing just that. Building on housing needs of their own employees, school districts in LA, Detroit and Oakland are partnering with affordable housing developers and scaling-up their projects...


The Smart Future of Senior Living

https: / / / ibi-ideas / the-smart-future-of-senior-living
...order to fulfil these wishes we need to design good quality, flexible and adaptable new housing that remains suitable throughout the occupant’s life. Housing should support the elderly in staying...


Innovative app delivers traffic and road conditions for Albertans

https: / / / 2015 / 03 / 03 / innovative-app-delivers-traffic-and-road-conditions-for-albertans
...“IBI Group is delighted to have worked alongside such an innovative group of companies to bring this convergence of technology to drivers in Alberta,” said Bruno Peters, Deputy Regional Director,...

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