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“Intergenerational” Best Match


A New Way of Learning: The Intergenerational Campus

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Historically, the college campus has been a space for innovation where young generations can bring new thoughts and ideas to fruition. However, the Intergenerational Campus breaks from this tradition and...


Urbanism: A Catalyst for Wellbeing

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...should encourage more urban developments that are permeable and highly accessible. The should deliver true mixed use options that encourage and offer employment, whilst providing homes for intergenerational residents through...


The Many Benefits of Healthy Campus Design

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...elderly people – a potential saving for the student and companionship for both groups. Such intergenerational models are coming to the fore not only to solve housing problems but to...


Senior Living in the City

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...housing, in the right location, with the right social and support networks; create cohesive intergenerational communities; design public places and urban connections fit for an all-age-friendly city; and, importantly, connect...

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