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Understand, manage, and optimize your curbside.

Cities across the world share a similar challenge: understanding how their curb space has been designated, what the exact regulations are, and when or where these regulations apply. Disruption from ride share companies and emerging trends in mobility are causing further complications, making access to curb space an important issue for city planners.

By digitizing curbside regulations, CurbIQ helps cities better understand how their curbs are working today, and gives them modern tools to improve operations in the future.

Discover CurbIQ

Designed by subject matter experts

Developed by IBI Group’s parking and curbside management experts, the CurbIQ team understands the needs of municipal staff and the challenges they face. With the collective knowledge and experience gained from acting as trusted advisers to our clients, we have designed CurbIQ’s suite of solutions to give clients maximum value for their investment.

IBI Group prepared the City of Toronto’s visionary Curbside Management Strategy, with over 50 unique potential pilot projects involving innovative parking and loading solutions. We also developed a curbside decision-making framework as part of the Oshawa Parking Study.

Own your digital curb

CurbIQ has a robust set of patent-pending data collection methods to convert existing regulations into a digital curb layer. This is done in CurbLR format, an open data specification developed by SharedStreets, with input from city governments and private companies. Using the CurbLR format provides integration benefits with other uses.

Allowing cities to better visualize, manage, analyze, and improve their curbside operations,  CurbIQ’s modular product offering lets clients take a phased approach to enhancing curbside management.

IBI Group CurbIQ Curb Viewer

Curb Viewer

CurbIQ’s map-based visualization tool allows municipalities to easily navigate and understand their existing curbside regulations.

IBI Group CurbIQ Curb Manager

Curb Manager

CurbIQ’s simplified GIS platform lets municipalities manage their curbside efficiently by adding, removing, or modifying curbside regulations.

IBI Group CurbIQ Curb Analyzer

Curb Analyzer

This tool helps municipalities quantify how their curb space is designated and how it is being used, revealing trends that city planners can leverage to better plan their curb space.

IBI Group CurbIQ Curb Rules API

Curb Rules API

CurbIQ’s API allows curbside stakeholders, including TNC’s and commercial vehicle dispatchers, to add curbside regulation data to their own applications.

“I am using CurbIQ to gain a better understanding of existing curbside regulations, and it's been invaluable. The Curb Viewer tool has provided detailed insight into the conflicts and gaps in existing curbside regulations, and the visual nature of the platform has helped identify issues that I previously didn't even know existed. I can safely say that I'm impressed by the amount of helpful information that CurbIQ puts at my fingertips. I'm working away now on updating curbside bylaws with assistance from the platform, and am looking forward to a much faster and easier process.”

Tessa Williams
Business Services Analyst, Transit and Parking Strategy

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