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Event Reporting System

Our cloud-hosted service allows transit agencies to collaboratively log and monitor regional traffic reporting as it happens.

With intuitive navigation and reporting capabilities, our Event Reporting System arms operators with the tools they need to effectively submit and manage traffic events as they occur in their networks. 

Individual events can be created and shared in real-time using simple dropdown menus and customization fields, plotted on dynamic mapping interfaces and feeding back into larger information systems.

This centralized hub allows operators within different departments and teams to clearly communicate and resolve events. Our cloud-based solution also removes the overhead and complications of installing a traditional traffic management system. 


Connected traveler information

Our Event Reporting System is tightly integrated with our comprehensive Traveler Information System. This white-labelled platform allows agencies to easily configure and implement a 511 website, IVR and mobile app. Learn more about our Traveler Information System.

All our Mobility-focused products are designed to work seamlessly together – but are also available as stand-alone solutions. Just like our transportation networks, our smart systems need to connect with one another to offer stronger flexibility in all aspects of urban movement. 

Geoff Carter

Director | Sr. Practice Lead, Traveller Information Systems
Toronto, ON

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David Kamnitzer

Director | Sr. Practice Lead, Intelligent Systems
Toronto, ON

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