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Simplifying the travel experience from parking to transit passes.

Navigating a new or familiar city can be complicated by a traveller’s ability to park or secure travel arrangements. HotSpot’s integrated mobility platform simplifies commuting and makes it more efficient for organizations to provide their customers, residents or employees with intuitive travel solutions. By digitizing parking, transit, taxi and merchant resources, users can easily track their travel expenses, pay for parking tickets, schedule taxis and pay for public transit all in one easy app 

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Cross-Community Integration

Our integrated app supports public and private parking solutions, with municipalities and institutions like hospitals and airports, working together in a connected system with private operators to create a diverse mobility offering.  

Optimized Operations

We improve the efficiency and quality of travellers parking, transit and taxi services by working across sectors to create an intuitive, customizable mobility offering.  

Dynamic Partnerships

We go beyond parking, to integrate transit and taxis. Our inclusive services cover all the ways people in your city get around. 

Intuitive Mobility Solutions

1. Park on the go

Travellers can pay for parking from their phone and save money on refunded unfinished sessions.

2. Ride public transit

Daily commutes can be simplified by purchasing transit passes and receiving real-time updates to your phone.

3. Take a taxi

Travellers can order a taxi, track their ride and pay from the mobile app.

4. Track your savings

Travellers can keep track of their account balance and pay from anywhere.

5. Give back to the community

Credits from unfinished sessions can be donated to local community organizations.

Our suite of mobility solutions centralizes information and empowers business owners with the capacity to manage their fleets, offer employee benefits and reward customers for their loyalty. With nearly half a million users, we’re constantly improving upon our operations and creating adaptable solutions that respond to customer needs as they evolve.

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