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TRANSIT Data Suite

Inform your customers and improve efficiency with software made especially for transit agencies.

IBI Group’s TRANSIT Data Suite is designed for the specific needs of transit agencies to improve customer satisfaction and fine-tune operations for maximum efficiency. Built on industry-standard open data formats, like GTFS and GTFS-realtime, our solutions are designed to be implemented quickly, without manual data entry. They can be implemented independently or together as an integrated and powerful toolkit.

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Create, edit, and manage GTFS data for an agency or a region.

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Enter, manage, and disseminate service alerts.

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Aggregate, manage, and disseminate real-time locations and predictions.

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Analyze service and measure performance in real-time.

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Provide a web-based multimodal trip planner for a region with OpenTripPlanner™.

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Visualize transit service statistics and metrics.

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Transit agencies need to produce GTFS and GTFS-realtime data that is comprehensive and up to date. IBI Group’s TRANSIT-data-tools and TRANSIT-realtime solutions help agencies generate and manage this data, including intelligently updating GTFS and merging multiple real-time feeds together. TRANSIT-alerts enables agencies to create fine-grained service alerts with automatically generated text viewable on a variety of platforms. TRANSIT-routing (OpenTripPlanner) provides the industry gold standard in multimodal trip planning. Implemented individually or together, these solutions help agencies keep their customers informed. 

Fine-tune operations with powerful analytics

IBI Group’s TRANSIT-performance solution provides powerful analysis of actual transit operations using an agency’s GTFS-realtime feeds or data from its operational systems. Planners and schedulers can take advantage of route performance analysis over time and dispatchers can benefit from real-time stats on the state of the system. TRANSIT-dashboards retrieves output from TRANSIT-performance and displays it in an intuitive set of dashboards, making it easy to spot and address trends and issues. 

Transit-specific tools built on open data

The TRANSIT Data Suite was built from the ground up with transit agencies in mind. IBI Group has collaborated with transit agencies across North America to add features and fine-tune each solution to meet their unique needs. The TRANSIT-suite uses industry standard open data feeds as core inputs, simplifying setup and minimizing the need for manual data entry. 

When our solutions are implemented together, agencies gain deeper functionality. Key examples include:

  • automatic generation of corrected GTFS-realtime trip updates and vehicle positions feeds from TRANSIT-realtime based on user selections in TRANSIT-alerts;
  • display of analysis results from TRANSIT-performance in an intuitive visual format using TRANSIT-dashboards; and
  • use of the GTFS data from TRANSIT-data-tools as well as the GTFS-realtime feeds from TRANSIT-alerts and TRANSIT-realtime to power sophisticated trip plans that take live conditions into account in TRANSIT-routing.

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