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Transmission Simulator

TSIM uses predictive modelling and optimization algorithms to minimize water transmission operational costs while maintaining high delivery standards. 

Developed in conjunction with our Water Transmission Operations Optimizer, our Transmission Simulator allows clients to study various water supply “what-if” scenarios. 

The Simulator provides the means to investigate plant closures, explore the various effects of hydro rate parameters, as well as optimization for different demand patterns. By gaining a better understanding of these potential outcomes, our clients can deliver more effective service with increased cost savings. 

Water Transmission Operations Optimizer (TOO)

Developed by IBI Group, our TOO product is an innovative water delivery system that dramatically reduces energy consumption, and in turn, the cost of providing water to city residents. It’s already serving one of the largest markets in North America – and saving them millions. 

Tissa De Silva

Director | Sr. Practice Lead, Intelligent Systems
Toronto, ON

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