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An internationally-proven, white-label advanced traveller information system (ATIS) that provides real-time, multimodal trip planning to the public.

Traffic incidents can cause massive disruptions. Unsafe highway conditions can be treacherous. Road closures can cause unnecessary gridlock. In many daily situations, accurate, timely information is important.

Keep users informed with an internationally-proven, advanced traveler information system on a secure cloud-based platform with multi-channel flexibility. Travel-IQ™: a valuable resource that travelers trust.

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Value-added functionality

For transportation authorities, Travel-IQ helps to improve public safety by encouraging travellers to avoid problem areas and informing necessary road repairs. For private-sector clients, the software can provide location-based services and targeted marketing and advertising opportunities.

The Travel-IQ solution provides customers the convenience of choice as they navigate their journeys.

TravelIQ Event reporting system icon

Event Reporting

Travel-IQ’s Event Reporting System allows you to on incidents, planned events, weather and road conditions, then share this information with your community through Travel-IQ’s web, mobile application and other state-of-the-art dissemination channels.

TIS responsive design icon

Responsive Web

Travel-IQ’s website incorporates best-in-class features and components, allowing you to provide advanced mapping, navigation and trip planning to your customers. IBI Group’s software as a service (SaaS) solution can be immediately accessed, so you can start collecting data.

Travel IQ TIS mobile app icon

Mobile App

Intuitively designed for iPhone and Android users, Travel-IQ’s mobile app provides hands-free, personalized, geo-targeted voice traffic alerts. IBI Group’s dedicated mobile technology team has deployed over 45 apps in use by millions of consumers worldwide.

In addition to Travel-IQ’s software as a service (SaaS) offering, a variety of modules are available by subscription that can be delivered together or independently. These include, among others:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Travel-IQ’s IVR solution provides an advanced traffic information VUI that​ uses natural speech and maintains voice recognition rates in the 90th percentile. Configurable to report on any type of traffic incident or event, it can support thousands of concurrent phone calls. IBI Group’s IVR technology currently supports over 3.2 million calls annually.

Travel IQ road conditions reporting icon

Road Condition Reporting

Travel-IQ’s Road Condition Reporting (RCR) module lets you report on winter road and flooding conditions and includes a pre-defined road segment that’s configurable depending on your maintenance areas. The platform’s citizen reporting capability allows your customers to report poor road conditions directly, which your staff can then validate and feed into the Travel-IQ dissemination channels.

IBI TravelIQ Trucker mode icon

Trucker Mode

Travel-IQ’s Trucker Mode enables commercial vehicle operators to automatically display trucking-related traffic information and can provide real-time audio alerts about the status of upcoming rest areas along their route. Information related to inspection stations, lay-bys, open restaurants, and service stations is also available to help keep essential supply chains intact.

Data fusion engine integration

Real-time data sources form the foundation of any good traveller information program. Travel-IQ seamlessly incorporates data collection management and a data fusion engine, which collects and processes data from various sources for use across the platform’s channels.

Travel-IQ can incorporate real-time data from the platform’s mobile application, as well as Waze, HERE, and regional weather alerts, radar and forecasts. Numerous other data sources, including points of interest, real-time snow plow and maintenance vehicle tracking, road and traffic conditions, and ITS infrastructure, can be configured within the platform.

Travel-IQ’s suite of products are dynamically scaled to meet rising user demands, and rapidly deployed. The platform’s personalized traveller preferences mean more choice and customization for your discerning customers. Want more details on our core and subscription products, as well as pricing and support?

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Our proven track record

IBI Group’s traveller information technology has been an integral part of the firm’s transportation systems portfolio for more than ten years. Our project team effectively delivers Intelligent Transportation Systems including Advanced Traveller Information Systems (ATIS), Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), Tolling Systems, Airport Systems and more. IBI’s Travel-IQ has been successfully deployed in ten states, two Canadian provinces and South Africa for over a decade.

"Florida’s award winning Advanced Traveler Information System, FL511, proved to be invaluable before, during, and after Hurricane Irma. From helping millions of Floridians evacuate by disseminating real-time traffic information such as incidents and emergency shoulder use, to helping them return after the storm with up-to-date road closure and detour information, all eyes were on Florida. With up to 28,000 concurrent users of from countries all over the world, the newly launched one-day-old system withstood the ultimate test."

– Florida Department of Transportation

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