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Maintain, manage, and optimize the digital fabric of your community to improve connectivity for residents and businesses, enhance the value of your network, and future proof access to the global market.

Woven is a reliable and trusted single-solution provider for broadband services that help communities enhance their broadband networks and close the digital divide. Using demand aggregation tools, open access networking and automated service provisioning, combined with fiber and network asset management solutions, Woven establishes connected communities and assists with maintaining and managing all aspects of broadband investments.

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Woven includes fiber-optic technology which offers greater energy efficiency and greater reliability. The shift from copper wire to fiber-optic cable has resulted in reduced energy consumption in data centers as they provide more energy efficiency than traditional copper-based networks requiring less power to transmit data over longer distances. Additionally, fiberoptic cables have a longer lifespan than copper requiring less frequent replacement of cables and are more scalable and efficient, accommodating increases in demand through less material usage. 


Reliable and high-performing broadband has become a necessity. Woven enables community access to social supports and education, increases digital inclusion and quality of life, and weaves community needs into the digital economy. It helps develop and implement achievable broadband operations solutions that increase opportunities for economic growth, closing the digital divide by providing digital equity to all individuals, communities, and societies, leading to increased opportunities, improved outcomes, and greater social cohesion. 


Woven’s broadband technology is an essential component of smart grid technology which enables the development of adaptive and resilient communities. Future-proofing through smart communities and smart cities offers a range of sustainable advantages, including resource efficiency, reduced emissions, improved public health, improved citizen engagement, and economic growth. By leveraging technology and data to optimize urban systems, smart cities can create more sustainable and liveable urban environments for people. 

Woven aims to strengthen communities by creating an integrated network that connects residents and provides access to education and social supports, while also bridging the digital divide and fostering digital equity.  


Woven offers a comprehensive broadband experience through its unified fiber infrastructure and integrated hardware enabling open access networks, fiber-optic provisioning, future expansion, and community benefits through Smart City solutions on a single resilient fiber network. 

Woven has been designed as a full Broadband Suite of Services delivering support at every stage of the broadband development life-cycle. These services can be utilized together as a comprehensive broadband service package or applied individually as required. 

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Demand Aggregation, Competitive Analysis & Community Engagement

We interact with your community and get to know their broadband needs. Whether through in-person events, virtual gatherings, or door-to-door visits, we discover exactly what your residents desire for improved broadband, helping make this digital community fabric stronger and more connected.

When time to build broadband connectivity demand, Woven provides a demand aggregation tool, enabling you to collect grassroots demand for better broadband and pre-sell internet connections. This tool helps build your broadband network, finding interested customers, signing them, and then spreading the word and increasing your chances of success. This tool also provides market intelligence, competition, and market potential, giving greater visibility into the network’s future revenue potential.

Open Access Network Provisioning & Management

Scalable open access networks allow communities to own and maintain the fiber infrastructure layer and lease it out for others to deliver services, much like an airport that houses several different airlines. Customers have the freedom to build a bundle of services from several providers that suits them best, which means maximum consumer power, an open and level playing field for any kind of provider, and no restrictions for introduction of future services.

The open access network model creates lower prices, higher quality services, and bigger assortment that improves resident take-rates. It also accelerates growth and increases your return on your broadband investment.

Fiber and Network Asset Management

Many communities are unable to operate and manage their broadband networks due to lack of knowledge and experience. However, with Woven, you can manage your network and maintain the success of your fiber infrastructure. Our experience includes fiber asset management, GIS visualization, capacity planning, and field word order and fault management services. You can rely on our expertise to help guide you and learn the skills needed to manage your broadband investment.

View City of Brooks Broadband Network project

City of Brooks Broadband Network

Brooks, AB

IBI Group is helping the City of Brooks, AB, with fiber-optic network construction and retail internet service provider delivery. This transformational project will make the community more livable and attractive to residents and businesses, alike.

View Lethbridge Broadband Pilot project

Lethbridge Broadband Pilot

Lethbridge, AB

IBI Group was retained to define and develop a preliminary design, along with specifications and standards, to expand the City of Lethbridge’s existing dark fiber-optic network to selected industrial parks. The initiative was part of a pilot project to improve the attraction and retention of businesses in the city’s industrial areas and to support future land development.

View Parkland Broadband Feasibility Study project

Parkland Broadband Feasibility Study

Parkland County, AB

IBI Group performed an assessment of Parkland County’s existing radio tower and fibre-optic infrastructure in order to develop an accurate valuation of the assets and to identify cost- and risk-appropriate development and expansion opportunities for the County.

View Paul First Nation Broadband Service Plan project

Paul First Nation Broadband Service Plan

Wabamun, AB

IBI Group engaged with Paul First Nation, based approximately 70 kilometres west of Edmonton, to identify the current state of broadband services and improve connectivity in the area to help support the Nation’s residents, schools and businesses.

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