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Home Today, Home Tomorrow

In 2016, IBI Group claimed 1st prize in the ‘Re-defining Home: Home Today, Home Tomorrow’ design challenge with our highly adaptable, age-friendly “Inter-Active Living” entry. 

Re-Defining Home Design Challenge
Memphis, TN

Presented by AARP, the Re-defining Home competition challenges teams to explore new designs that enable people to age-in-place, effectively staying in the same home across every stage of life, from raising a family through to retirement. 

Overseen by lead architect Mar Granados, our team delivered an innovative, age-friendly design that emphasized social interaction, flexibility and public vs. private space for families of various sizes and compositions, earning them first place in this prestigious challenge. 

As the team articulated in their proposal, “Livability isn’t about aging. It’s about comfort, convenience, safety, and options throughout your life.” 

Outdoor environments were another feature focus of the submission, as we considered how to integrate green infrastructure and community gardening into the home to foster micro-sustainability and positive neighbourly interactions. 

The redesign will now come to life as a real home construction project in Memphis, Tennessee, built with the help of Home Matters partner’s United Housing and The Home Depot Foundation, to be donated to a veteran family with at least one member over 50 years of age. 

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Re-Defining Home Challenge,

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