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Masdar Institute of Science and Technology – Housing and Residential Development

Masdar City, a new city development in Abu Dhabi, UAE is designed to become the world’s most sustainable eco-city. IBI Group has provided design services for the Institute of Science and Technology Housing and Residential Development, the first sustainable community project within the city.

Masdar Institute
Abu Dhabi, UAE
100,840 sq m Size
11 Neighborhoods
Ongoing Status

Designed to become the world’s most sustainable eco-city, Masdar City is now growing its neighborhood around the Institute of Science and Technology. This new neighborhood is the first sustainable community project as part of Masdar City, comprising mixed-use residential; office; retail; and landscaped, walkable urban realm. Working with the project team adjacent to the Masdar Institution of Science and Technology, IBI Group has provided design services for the Housing and Residential Development for the City.

There are 11 neighborhoods proposed in the development’s master plan, each envisioned to be self-sustainable with retail, community facilities, and recreation, with an interconnected pedestrian system. Each neighborhood is being developed around a neighborhood center, which acts as the heart and allows connection with the integrated public transportation system and pedestrian network. The IBI design team worked with the client and project architects to carefully sculpt the neighborhood’s urban form to create human-scale open spaces, courtyards, and pedestrian corridors, based on traditional Arabic architecture.

A dense urban grain with narrow-shaded walkways and wide open spaces was created to naturally bring people together and establish vibrant, pedestrian-friendly environments that promote a healthy way of life. Pedestrian corridors were carefully oriented and coordinated with openings in the built form to harness prevailing winds for ventilation and passive-cooling of the exterior environment.

An iconic gateway park is located at the north entrance of the neighborhood, announcing the city’s green infrastructure at the urban edge. The sculptural landforms conceal vehicular parking entrances and accommodate accessible pathways to the upper level. The design language is derived from the country’s geology and historic tower architecture.

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Phil Colleran

Associate Director, Sub-Sector Lead
Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Phil Colleran has directed a range of urban mixed-use development projects in the US and abroad. He has significant experience with complex planning projects and large teams in the Far East, the Middle East and North Africa. In his work, he is responsive to environmental and civic concerns and has deployed ground-breaking design strategies suitable to climate and project conditions.