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Our People

Spread across over 60 cities, our team is a global collective of urban experts in design, architecture, engineering, civil, transportation, urban geography, real estate, landscape, communications, software development and so much more. These are the people defining the cities of tomorrow.

Supporting our global team of 2,500 difference makers is IBI’s Leadership team, setting out a compelling vision and guiding IBI Group towards the future.

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Claudia Krywiak

Independent Director

#english# #All# #Board Member#

Claudia Krywiak is Vice President, Corporate Development, Planning and Strategic Initiatives at the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), a not-for-profit organization that drives the growth of a knowledge-based economy in Ontario.  In partnership with industry, OCE co-invests in industrially relevant R&D and the commercialization of leading edge technologies, supporting the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

At OCE, Claudia is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of initiatives that bring together multiple levels of government, large corporations, and SMEs to fuel growth in emerging technology areas, such as advanced computing and artificial intelligence, connected and autonomous vehicles, 5G and next generation networks, cybersecurity, and clean technologies.  Her team has a mandate to work with government, academic, and industry leaders to accelerate business innovation in high potential sectors that provide a competitive advantage for Canada in the global economy.

Prior to joining OCE, Claudia held the position of Vice President, Business Development (Ontario) at Mitacs, a national research organization that funds research and training programs for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in partnership with universities, industry, and government in Canada.

Claudia received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Toronto in 2003 and subsequently worked for Bruker BioSpin, a world leader in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology, enabling scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications.

Claudia Stodt

Associate | Manager, Architecture
Toronto, ON

#english# #All# #Architecture# #High Rise Residential# #Hospitality# #Hotels# #Living+# #Mixed Use# #Residential#
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Claudia Stodt is a Senior Designer with 20 years of experience specializing in high-rise residential and hospitality projects. Her experience in a wide range of high-profile projects, such as The Ritz Carlton Hotel, The Delta Hotel and The Rose Theatre in Brampton, has enabled her to work effectively in all aspects of design during the project documentation phase. Claudia is a highly organized individual with an innate ability to manage client and consultant relationships. Her work features all aspects of design, design development, site plan applications and dealings with various municipalities.

Stuart Jones

Director, Landscape Architect
Vancouver, BC

#english# #All# #Landscape Architecture# #Leader# #Mobility+# #Placemaking# #Planning & Urban Design#
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Stuart Jones is head of the Vancouver-based urban design practice. Trained in landscape architecture, his professional experience spans over 20 years and includes work on both the development and the planning sides of the business. His projects have ranged from downtown infill sites to large master planned communities in locations across North America, Asia, Scandinavia, and the Middle East. He is skilled at creating a compelling story and sense of place for projects, which he communicates through drawings, standards, guidelines, and zoning. He has a strong understanding of the key issues affecting development including building types, street design, transit, servicing and the public realm, and he is an effective manager of the specialists in these fields.

Jonathan Blades

Software Developer
Glasgow, UK

#english# #All# #Data / Operations Centre# #Information & Communications Technology (ICT)# #Roads & Highways# #Software Development# #Systems# #Systems Integration# #Transit Technology# #Transportation# #UK Regional#
Glasgow, United Kingdom Europe

Jonathan Blades has over ten years of technical experience in the IT and telecom field, particularly network administration and PC support. He has extensive experience in LAN/WAN including installation and maintenance, and TCP/IP troubleshooting and support, multiple server/domain; remote access support, as well as CAT 6/5e Cabling. Jonathan specialises in operating systems, telephone systems and and to top it off, he also has considerable experience in website, app and software development.

Dave Lykins

Associate | Structural Engineer
Southfield, MI

#english# #All# #BIM & 3D Visualization# #Engineering# #Industrial# #Structural Engineering#
Southfield, Michigan United States of America

Dave Lykins manages a group of structural engineers and Revit/CAD designers where he is responsible for the technical accuracy, administrative aspects, and overall quality control of the team under this direct supervision. He is involved in planning, conducting, and supervising a variety of engineering assignments requiring the application of detailed technical principles and practices to solve problems of significant complexity. Dave is also directly involved in project estimating, staffing, and management related efforts within IBI Group.

John Byrne

Director | Office Lead
Edmonton, AB

#english# #All# #Development Engineering# #Geomatics# #Land Use Planning# #Leader# #Office Lead# #Planning & Urban Design# #Spatial Intelligence# #Systems Integration#
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
We enjoy the challenge of finding unique solutions to our clients survey and land-tenure needs. We pride ourselves in providing the best solution, whether high-tech or traditional.

John Byrne is a leader in IBI Group?s Geomatics offering, specializing in Land Survey Services. He has been involved with virtually every new technology in surveying over the last 45 years, including first generation Satellite systems (Doppler), Offshore navigation, GPS and continues to be involved with the changes in technology with Drones and Digital scanning systems.John has been involved with the development of digital Cadastral bases across Canada and was involved in both the Parcel (Provincial) mapping of Alberta and the municipal mapping as well.

A key component of his expertise is related to helping develop methods with in the Land Titles system to bringing a project to market both delivery of title and separate financing of various components of a multi-use project. He has also been recognized as an expert witness by the Alberta Court of Queen’s bench as it relates to planning processes.

Sol Wassermuhl

Toronto, ON

#english# #All# #Architecture# #High Rise Residential# #Leader# #Living+# #Mixed Use# #Residential#
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Sol Wassermuhl has been a pivotal figure in the Toronto architecture community and has served international clients, with projects in Canada, China, Russia and USA. Sol is a member of the Toronto Society of Architects and the Ontario Association of Architects, and a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

Wendy de Silva

Architect | Mental Health Lead
London, UK

#english# #All# #Architecture# #Community / Recreational Facilities# #Design Build# #Green# #Healthcare+# #Mental Health Care# #Mixed Use# #Placemaking# #Policy & Design Guidelines# #Subject Matter Expert# #UK Regional#
London, United Kingdom Europe
There is no health without mental health' WHO.

Wendy de Silva is an award winning architect and accredited RIBA Client Advisor with over 30 years of industry experience. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge across a range of educational, commercial and residential projects, but her particular expertise is in healthcare design. She has extensive understanding of the mental health sector and has worked with clients who are at the forefront of best practices and she is passionate about service improvements. Her project work has been recognized with awards for innovation and for providing best in class mental health facilities. She has presented papers on mental health design at conferences in the UK and Scandinavia.

Wendy has also worked on a wide range of primary and community health facilities and is keenly interested in the integration of health and social care services. She has been involved in competition winning integrated health and housing developments in London regeneration areas and has worked as Technical Advisor to community based NHS Trusts.

Wendy’s involvement as a governor of UCLH FT from 2004-2011 also enabled her to gain excellent insight into the rapidly changing NHS environment and the pressures that Foundation Trusts currently face. She continues to serve on its Arts and Heritage Committee.

Richard Mazuch

Director of Design Research and Innovation
London, UK

#english# #All# #Architecture# #Healthcare+# #Learning+# #Policy & Design Guidelines# #product_BedPod# #product_MedBedHead# #product_Norbury Lounge Chair# #Public Outreach# #Subject Matter Expert# #UK Regional#
London, United Kingdom Europe

Richard Mazuch is an architect and designer who gains great satisfaction from translating holistic ideas into radical but pragmatic solutions. An authority on healthcare, Richard provides profound insight into designing for global trends, patient groups and clinical provision – informing key decisions throughout the architectural process. Richard has worked on healthcare projects in Italy, Hong Kong, Brazil, Oman, UAE, and more recently Australia. He has been elected as a World Architecture Jury member, as well as being a University lecturer/examiner and speaker at the International Conferences.

Richard has strong relations with key health bodies. He has worked extensively with the NHS contributing to Health Building Notes, Health Technical Memorandum, and their ‘therapeutic environment’ website feature entitled “Slight Sensitive Design and Sound Sensitive Design” enabling designs to build evidence-based healthcare environments.

Richard is a founder and champion of IBI TH!NK. An advocate of evidence-based design, Richard creates innovations that positively impact the psychology and physiology of patient groups. Sense Sensitive Design, Emotional Mapping, the Design Prescription and the hPod are a few of the models that Richard has successfully pioneered. This has led to him authorising two new NHS guidelines for ‘Evidence-based Design Healthcare Environments’.
Richard is a product designer. In collaboration with manufacturers, he creates interventions, such as the BedPod, to support and improve patient care.
Richard works frequently with the NHS and DOH Expert Working Groups and Reference Groups helping to develop new Healthcare Strategies and Guidelines. More recently he has co-authored three key Paediatric Guideline documents entitled: ‘Hospital Accommodation for children and young peopleHBN 23’, ‘Friendly healthcare environments for children and young people’ and ‘Mental Health faculties for children and young people’.

Richard was also an active member and contributor to the Expert Reference Group responsible for ‘Facilities for Maternity Care’ HBN21. He was a key contributor to ‘The Children’s National Service Framework’ an NHS and Department of Health document with evaluation process and recommendations Richard made early contributions and document reviews of ‘Creating a Better Health Environment’ an Audit Took Kit by The National Childbirth Trust in 2003.
In education, Richard is translating his work in healthcare paediatrics to benefit teachers and students. Working alongside University partners, he is pioneering the development of an ‘optimal learning environment’, improving motivation, behaviour and concentration amongst pupils, especially those with special educational needs.

Graham Harris

Studio Principal
London, UK

#english# #All# #Architecture# #Education# #Healthcare+# #Living+# #Office Lead# #P3# #Project / Programme Management# #Public Outreach# #UK Regional#
London, United Kingdom Europe

Graham Harris is an experienced architect and project director and has taken an active involvement in driving IBI Group?s design processes, ensuring heightened standards in architectural output and efficient working methods, including BIM & 3D Visualisation. Skilled at delivering all aspects of a project, he is particularly strong at executing innovative stakeholder consultation processes. He places collaborative working as the focus of his leadership, winning awards for outstanding team delivery and high client satisfaction.

In healthcare, he works alongside clients to transform their ‘model of care’ into an efficient and therapeutic healing environment, ensuing overall cost savings and improving service delivery. Graham is highly competent at meeting the design challenges posed by complex refurbishment works within a live hospital environment. His experience includes the development of complicated phasing plans to meet both clinical and construction requirements. With a rich background in healthcare design, Graham is very aware of Trust requirements, ensuring solutions address future flexibility, energy efficiency and most importantly reduced infection rates by introducing innovations such as the IBI Group ‘cruciform ward’.

In education, Graham has been exposed to a number of Government initiatives, including Building Schools for the Future and the Primary Capital programme. He has hands-on experience of the tight parameters specified by these schemes, responding with holistic solutions to safeguard design quality and exceed clients’ ‘value for money’ expectations.

Anna Dybka

Director | Sr. Practice Lead, Intelligent Systems
Toronto, ON

#english# #All# #Highway / Road Design# #Project / Programme Management# #Revenue / Tolling# #Subject Matter Expert# #Systems# #Systems Integration# #Traffic Engineering# #Traffic Management# #Transit Technology#
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Anna Dybka P.Eng specializes in functional and detail design, implementation and operation of ITS, including Traffic Management Systems, Toll Collection Systems, Traffic Signals, Weather Monitoring Stations and project administration and management. Anna has led an extensive portfolio of system design projects province-wide for MTO, and for clients including 407 ETR, City of Toronto, and Windsor-Detroit Tunnel. She recently led the design of the systems fit-in at the new MTO Central Region COMPASS Traffic Management Centre as implemented in advance of the Pan Am Games.

Jeff Cogliati

Associate | Manager, Architecture
Toronto, Canada

#english# #All# #Architecture# #BIM & 3D Visualization# #High Rise Residential# #Living+# #Mixed Use# #Residential#
Toronto, Canada

Jeff Cogliati has over 12 years of experience in an array of project typologies. The majority of his recent projects have been benefitted the highrise residential sector. His strengths lie in the conceptual and schematic design phases of his work, 3D software utilization, and he maintains close involvement with each project throughout the construction process in order to ensure that a high degree of quality is employed. Jeff has been a pivotal team member in the recently completed Core Condos in Toronto, and Maple Condos in Halifax. Jeff holds a Master of Architecture degree and is a member of the Ontario Association of Architects.

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