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How Are Firms Handling Sexual Misconduct in Architecture?

https: / / / 2018 / 01 / 02 / how-are-firms-handling-sexual-misconduct-in-architecture
Global Director of HR, Jane Sillberg, talks to Azure Magazine in a discussion about how prominent architecture firms are handling sexual harassment in the workplace.
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Monet and Architecture

https: / / / ibi-insights / monet-and-architecture
...architecture- or even “things” for that matter. Rather, he was interested in the different ways that light imparts on certain subjects depending on the time of day. A lot of...


Rio’s Olympic Architecture

https: / / / ibi-insights / olympic-architecture
...what about the architecture? After all, architecture and town planning were once Olympic events in their own right. Filling this gap, The Guardian reviewed the architecture of the facilities. While...


IBI Group Recognized for Architecture and Urban Design

https: / / / 2017 / 01 / 13 / ibi-group-recognized-for-industry-leading-architecture-and-urban-design
– Multiple Canadian Projects Receive Awards in Q4 – TORONTO, ON (January 6, 2017) – As the sixth largest architecture firm in the world and the largest Canadian firm∗, IBI...
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The Future of Architecture in the Digital Age

https: / / / ibi-insights / future-architecture-digital-age
As I approach twenty years since becoming a qualified architect, and triggered by my attendance at a technology event that presented how ChatBots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) were significantly altering...


The Changing Face of Architecture

https: / / / ibi-insights / changing-face-architecture-women
...the end there were 10 of us and 65 guys. At the time, people believed architecture programs were more suitable for men as the field involved long hours works, extreme...


Crowdsourcing the Year’s Best Architecture

https: / / / ibi-insights / crowdsourcing-years-best-architecture
In the inherently subjective world of architecture, there are no shortage of opinions on what makes for the best architecture. Rather than leaving the definitive choice to a small group...


London Architecture: Dynamic, Historic, Diverse

https: / / / ibi-insights / london-architecture-dynamic-historic-diverse
...within the architecture of the city. London’s architecture connects you with the past, each era displaying its own vocabulary and sense of values. The City of London first came to...


Instagram Accounts to Follow – Architecture

https: / / / ibi-insights / instagram-accts-follow-architecture
...#OldSchool. @Arch_More is an inspiring curation of hand sketches and renderings from around the world of projects of all scales. @ArchitectureTourist – Katja Get your architecture fix from the talented...

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