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Get smart: Looking at the future of homes

https: / / / 2019 / 05 / 14 / get-smart-looking-at-the-future-of-homes
Global Director of Buildings, Mansoor Kazerouni, and Smart City Task Force Lead, Bruno Peters, talk to the National Post about integrated lifestyles and the future of design....


The Smart Future of Senior Living

https: / / / ibi-insights / the-smart-future-of-senior-living
...time. As we get older, most of us will need more care and access to innovative technology that can be tailored to our changing needs. In the future, embedded sensors...


Pivot to a Smart Urban Future

https: / / / ibi-insights / pivot-to-a-smart-urban-future
...turning back. Paving the way with Autonomous Vehicles Within the mobility sector, the anticipation of autonomous vehicles has taken the front seat as we drive into the future. While most...


Shifting Gears: Exploring the Future of Parking Garages

https: / / / ibi-insights / shifting-gears-exploring-the-future-of-parking-garages
With speeding advances in the transportation sector, it’s hard to imagine what the future of mobility will look like down the road. Over the last few years, we have seen...


What is the Future of (Augmented) Reality?

https: / / / ibi-insights / future-of-augmented-reality
...technologies are poised to become important city-building tools in the near future. Through Pocket R&D research, IBI Group has been exploring adoption possibilities within our own organization, and valuable applications...


The Sustainable Urban Future of Nordic Cities

https: / / / ibi-insights / sustainable-urban-future-nordic-cities
...are key steps towards a sustainable future. But equally, or perhaps even more importantly, efforts to achieve these goals and achieve sustainability can also enhance wellbeing, improve quality of life...


A Networked Future

https: / / / ibi-insights / a-networked-future
...reflective interview with Smart Circle that ranges from urban mobility and citizen participation to cyber terrorism and the future of sharing, Carlo Ratti, director of MIT’s Senseable City Lab aims...


9 Visionaries on the Future of Coworking

https: / / / ibi-insights / 521-2
...and their future. Collectively, they’re amazed by the incredible growth, concerned about the rapid infusion of money, and most importantly, credit the people who use these spaces as the key...


The Future of Architecture in the Digital Age

https: / / / ibi-insights / future-architecture-digital-age
As I approach twenty years since becoming a qualified architect, and triggered by my attendance at a technology event that presented how ChatBots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) were significantly altering...

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