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“City-Making” Best Match


City-Making Made Better

https: / / / ibi-ideas / city-making-made-better building professions and practitioners from the city-dwellers they served, while discouraging the logic of considering various elements of city-building together. During the 20th Century, city-making disciplines were as segregated...


Visionary City-making: A History of the Future

https: / / / ibi-ideas / visionary-city-making
...modern city visioning can be drawn to the late medieval and early renaissance period when city visions were drastically transformed and based on a new world society that revolved around...


IBI Group Launches Smart City Platform to Improve Services for City Residents

https: / / / 2018 / 03 / 22 / ibi-group-launches-smart-city-platform-to-improve-services-for-city-residents connect stakeholders with the services, information and insight they need. City agencies, decision makers, city staff, and most importantly, city residents, will benefit from the platform, as city services...
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New York City Architecture: As Diverse as the City Itself

https: / / / ibi-ideas / new-york-city-architecture-diverse-city
major city in the U.S., published in 1790. While almost every style of architecture exists within New York City, we’ll focus on the most prevalent periods. The first style associated...


Connectivity Is Key to a Smart City Foundation

https: / / / ibi-ideas / connectivity-key-smart-city-foundation
of traffic through the city. Recently though, the city faced a traffic jam on its own information network. Leased broadband connections between city buildings and fixed assets from multiple departments...


Technology Can’t Save The City

https: / / / ibi-ideas / technology-cant-save-city
intelligent, automated, big data-driven supervision of the “smart city” will solve everything from climate change to resource depletion.” Is smart city technology only being deployed at a city-wide scale? Of...


Vancouver Architecture: Growing Into Its Own

https: / / / ibi-ideas / vancouver-architecture-growing
City Hall (1936). Marine Building, 1946. (City of Vancouver Archives, AM1545-S3-: CVA 586-4379) Opening of the Burrard Bridge, 1932. (City of Vancouver Archives, AM1535-: CVA 99-2656) Vancouver City Hall, 1937....


The Green City or the Grey City?

https: / / / ibi-ideas / green-city-grey-city green and one grey, and each piece of paper represented a different city, which city would you rather live in? This questions, as most people can agree, is probably...

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