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“Crime” Best Match


Pre-Crime: Sci-fi or a Chilling Reality?

https: / / / ibi-ideas / pre-crime-sci-fi-chilling-reality
Pre-Crime is a documentary. Minority Report envisions a world where we can predict crime and stop perpetrators before they commit the acts. Pre-Crime cites real technology that cities are using...


Too Many Eyes on the Street?

https: / / / ibi-ideas / too-many-eyes-on-the-street
...crime. The strategy works as both a research tool and preventative measure, understanding that people are less likely to do wrong if they know they’re being watched. A social panopticon...


Cities & the Future of Work

https: / / / ibi-ideas / cities-the-future-work
...important step to addressing it. Make it easier for criminals to work: In the US, one third of citizens have a criminal record. Punishment doesn’t stop once a crime has...


Does a “Most Livable City” Ranking Matter?

https: / / / ibi-ideas / does-a-most-livable-city-ranking-matter
...rankings tend to prioritize things like low-crime rates, access to education, and road quality, but fail to account for some of the key reasons citizens love living in their cities....


Can Reality Technologies Save Journalism?

https: / / / ibi-ideas / can-reality-technologies-save-journalism
...investigation when the Syrian military dropped a chlorine bomb on an apartment in Douma that allowed them to reconstruct a virtual crime scene that journalists were unable to visit. While...


IBI Group to review CCTV operations at Brent

https: / / / 2015 / 01 / 27 / ibi-group-to-review-cctv-operations-at-brent
...improve and expand its crime, community safety, and traffic CCTV system. IBI will review how the CCTV system is organized, the services it provides, and the technology it uses. The...

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