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“Seniors” Best Match


A New Way of Learning: The Intergenerational Campus

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...New Communities, proposing that campuses include meeting spaces, walkable open areas, bicycle paths as well as natural settings for interaction. Considering that fewer seniors are vacating cities for greener pastures,...


The Accessible City for Everyone

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...the criteria of local and long distance users as well as mobility challenged city residents. Between wheelchair users, parents pushing strollers, travelers with huge suitcases or seniors who need an...


The Cost of Housing and Opportunity for Innovation

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...such as seniors, and the development of high quality social housing that people want to call home. Land prices and consumer demand in desirable cities are unlikely to drop in...


The Future of Shared Housing

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...are shared, as are the chores and household management. These communal spaces bring the families together as one, tackling challenges like loneliness in seniors and reducing the carbon footprint of...


Senior Living in the City

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...the new urban renaissance is an increasing choice for today’s seniors. This has a number of implications for the way that we plan, build and manage ‘age friendly cities’. Policy...

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