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“Uber” Best Match


What to do about Uber: Ride-Sharing and the Rules

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Recently, London sent a shockwave through the world of transportation by denying the license renewal of ride-sharing giant Uber. Many thought Uber, despite it’s many public controversies, had become so...


Wifi & Uber – MARTA Announces Two New Initiatives

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Transit organizations in many sprawled cities struggle to provide quality service. To fill the gap, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (GA) partnered with Uber to provide first-last mile connections...


Uber & Public Transit: It’s Complicated

https: / / / ibi-ideas / uber-public-transit-its-complicated
In the wake of Uber releasing its new Smart Routes feature, which follows up on last year’s launch of UberPool, there has been considerable discussion about the company’s shift towards...


Evolution of the Sharing Economy

https: / / / ibi-ideas / evolution-of-the-sharing-economy in Pittsburgh. Hidden behind the fanfare was the fact that this Uber service isn’t just any “contractor” with a Tesla, but a fleet of specialized vehicles that Uber owns,...


Too Many Eyes on the Street?

https: / / / ibi-ideas / too-many-eyes-on-the-street
...personal information. This data can be used for good, and we should feel comfortable asking for this. As a step in the right direction, Uber has taken the initiative to...


Can Self-Driving Semi Trucks be the Answer to Growing Truck Driver Shortages?

https: / / / ibi-ideas / self-driving-semi-trucks
...and technology. Large companies such as Tesla, Daimler, Nikola, Volkswagen, Einride, Embark, Cummins, Waymo, Uber, PACCAR are all currently developing autonomous semi-trucks. Public agencies are also actively participating in the...


IBI One of Four Finalists in #DriverlessFutureNYC

https: / / / 2017 / 06 / 30 / ibi-group-one-of-four-finalists-in-nyc-driverless-future-competition
...become available. Members of the team will pitch their concept to NYC government officials and private-sector mobility leaders, including Uber and Mercedes-Benz, on July 11 at a special edition of...
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Pivot to a Smart Urban Future

https: / / / ibi-ideas / pivot-to-a-smart-urban-future outdated at this point and it’s not even 2019! Just this week, Uber announced their updated design plans for flying rideshare vehicles, co-developed by NASA, which they expect to...


Defining the Cities of Tomorrow: Predictions for 2017

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...By Kira Hunt, Landscape Architectural Technologist From design-driven to data-driven planning. Just as Airbnb and Uber turned the hotel and taxi industries on its head, the trend to digitize |...


The Case for ‘Dispersed’ TODs

https: / / / ibi-ideas / the-case-for-dispersed-tods
...kid from daycare or get a package that’s waiting for you. Imagine using an app to reserve a shared Uber-like service that will pick you up from the platform at...

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