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A Smarter Urban Future

At IBI, we apply human-centred design and technology to create the resilient, connected, smart cities of tomorrow. We are experts in the intelligent technologies woven into our urban infrastructure and buildings, that are becoming more and more essential to our communities. We bridge this expertise with our long experience in the design, development and operations of the built form of our cities.

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At IBI Group we make cities. People give them life.

Designing for the future begins with listening to every voice at the table. IBI Group is proudly delivering diverse, inclusive, technologically connected communities that put people first. This is how the city of tomorrow is created.

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Crafting every aspect of the urban experience.

We're shaping the way we live, move, learn, and heal in modern cities. IBI Group’s pillars of expertise align with how people experience their own communities - each with their own mission, all guided by the same urban vision.

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What we do

Great design can transform quality of life, and today, technology is what drives great design in cities. IBI creates the systems that connect us, and together they keep us moving forward.

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The right tools and technologies

Smart cities are already a reality. Our ever-expanding toolbox of products and solutions is allowing us to foster diverse urban experiences through data-driven design.

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2,600 difference-makers and counting

Spread across over 60 cities, our team is an international assembly of urban experts in design, architecture, civil engineering, transportation, urban geography, real estate, landscape, communications, software development and so much more. These are the people defining the cities of tomorrow.

Meet the IBI Group