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Designing the next generation of flexible, connected classrooms

IBI Group has over 40 years of educational architecture experience spanning research, master planning, programming, planning, renovation and new buildings. But a new generation of learners is completely redefining the way we design and deliver modern learning environments. Globally connected, individually focused, and technologically optimized. These are the classrooms of the future.

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Our collaborative consultation process allows educators to inform design decisions. We believe in flexible, modular, reconfigurable buildings that welcome tomorrow’s advances and support the concept of students as global learners.

Early Learning

At a young age, social interaction is as important as academic instruction. We seek spaces that fuel kids’ desire to become lifelong learners; hands-on, sensory rich environments that move bodies and capture the imagination. 

Primary & Secondary

Through adolescence and in preparation for early adulthood, place-based education has to facilitate rapid discovery and build a student’s connection to their larger community. Flexible, outdoor-connected spaces that convey the spirit of their neighbourhood.

College & University

Higher learner environments must foster a sense of collaboration and intellectual exchange. Our research group, IBI THiNK, partnered with major institutions on a global research project titled “4 Labs 4 Cities” to examine how signature architecture, environmental leadership and smart technology can help us rethink the modern campus configuration.

Non Traditional Learning

From vocational laboratories to mock courtrooms and entrepreneurial incubators, spaces that embrace experiential learning are creating a more diverse educational landscape — and one that proudly puts the emphasis on participation. 

We’re moving away from the traditional textbook. Tech has become an equally important topic and tool in the modern classroom, and instead of treating it as an afterthought, we embrace digital learning tools and weave technology into the fabric of the building.

Reshaping the way we approach education.

Meet the IBI Learning+ experts

Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre

Cardiff, UK

Opened in the Spring of 2016, The Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) is the second phase of the Science & Innovation Campus at Maindy Road: a new home for world-class research, bringing together experts in brain mapping and neuroscience inside a highly collaborative, energy-efficient environment. The project follows the completion of Phase 1; the IBI Group designed flagship Hadyn Ellis Building.

Franklin High School Modernization

Portland, OR

IBI Group designed the master plan for the modernization of Franklin High School, integrating next generation learning environments with state-of-the-art career and technical education facilities.

Trillium Creek Primary School

West Linn, OR

Guided by a strong student voice, the child-centric design of Trillium Creek Primary School combines individual learning space opportunities with a collective transparency that connects students and teachers to the work of learning and teaching.