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We design and deliver every aspect of a truly integrated city.

Inside and out. What’s hidden and what’s right in front of your eyes. Our interconnected service offerings allow us to design, build, operate, and maintain modern cities and systems from the ground up.

It’s difficult to put everything we do on one page. But these are the core services that begin to define IBI Group. 

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With over 1,100 passionate architects on staff, IBI Group is one of the largest architectural firms in the world.

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We breathe life into all aspects of the constructed world - from buildings to systems and equipment. It's called engineering cities that work.

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Through brilliant design, we can galvanize people to think, interact, and succeed for work, for play and for life.

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Landscape Architecture

Our award-winning landscape architecture practice is one of the largest in the world, integrating client-driven collaboration with responsible environmental design.

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Planning & Urban Design

We are leaders in the dynamic discipline of shaping a community for the future. We’re designing for the next chapter of urban existence.

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All over the world, cities rely on our leading edge systems and software to keep their communities moving in the right direction. We bring deep technology expertise to the interconnected Smart Cities of today and tomorrow.

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That’s how you build for the future. Our centres of excellence are focused on the key pillars of how people experience their cities, and how they live, learn, heal and move in their communities.

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See how IBI is redefining the urban experience


Designing lifestyle choices. Creating resilient communities. Enriching quality of life.

See how IBI is redefining the urban experience
See how we’re advancing healthcare realities


Re-imagining the patient experience. Shaping healthier communities. Improving the human condition with technology-driven design.

See how we’re advancing healthcare realities
See how we’re reshaping education environments


Focused on the learner. Engaged in the community. Connecting pedagogy to design.

See how we’re reshaping education environments
See how we’re changing the way cities move


Designing the experience. Engineering the journey. Enabling a connected future.

See how we’re changing the way cities move

When a single project brings together all our disciplines, we’re able to create truly future-forward developments. Here are some examples:  

Healthy New Towns

In partnership with the National Health Society in England, we’re exploring the relationship between design and well-being to redefine what it means to be a “healthy town”. Through a better understanding of how every day interactions in the home, on the streets, and between neighbourhoods are impacting our physical and mental states, we’re discovering new ways to embed well-being into the fabric of a community. 

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Innovation Districts

We believe vibrant places are created when ideas are forced to collide; well-planned, technology-driven designs that encourage risk-taking and foster the entrepreneurial spirit. From start-ups to schools, hospitals to residences, we’re pulling people together so they can push us all forward. 

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Landmark Events

Live experiences can unite a city and its people like nothing else. IBI Group is no stranger to the design and execution of landmark events – from grassroots movements to cultural events and even the Olympics. We understand all the hidden details that make it easier for people – and entire communities – to make the most of these moments. 

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Ageless Living

It’s no longer necessary to assume you’ll live in one place and retire in another. We’re developing new senior environments in the least expected spot: the same places they already call home. It’s happening through timeless design with an emphasis on comfort and access — leading to healthier, longer-lasting homes and communities. 

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