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Planning & Urban Design

Our collaborative planning practice produces long-term strategies that position communities for success in every aspect of the urban experience – from day-to-day living, learning and health, to major transportation and infrastructural growth. We’re designing the next “world-class” cities.

Crafting a balanced, future-forward vision for a community, neighbourhood, or entire city is no small task. Every place has its own identity, but all our plans strive to adhere to the same guiding principles of inclusivity, sustainability, and technological connection.

A complete range of planning capabilities

IBI Group brings a wealth of experience and service offerings in urban design and planning projects, including: 

  • Comprehensive plans
  • Land-use planning
  • Public outreach
  • Research
  • Economic analysis
  • Master plans
  • Resort master plans
  • Transit-oriented developments 
  • Urban design

From Architectural Controls to Water Resources Management, we provide over 35 separate practices across six main professional service offerings.

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Shaping a community for the future

Planning is collaborative by nature, and IBI Group’s multi-disciplinary approach allows us to service all stages of the urban design process: starting with an initial vision, validated through deep research and public engagement – and finalized through smart design and world-class implementation.

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Green Line Southeast Transitway BRT and TOD Planning

Calgary, AB

IBI Group has been part of the Hatch Engineering team for the design and delivery of the Calgary Green Line Corridor. Upon completion, the Green Line will introduce 42 km’s of transit service, 28 transit stations and six TOD transit villages, significantly altering the way Calgarians live, work and play.

Los Angeles Civic Center Master Planning

Los Angeles, CA

Our master development plan presented a holistic vision for a vibrant mixed-use community uniting municipal, cultural, retail and residential facilities in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California.

Goldcorp Master Plan

Zacatecas, Mexico

Goldcorp, the world’s second largest gold mining company, retained IBI Group to create a community vision for its gold mine in Peñasquito, Zacatecas, Mexico.

We are the global partner to plan, design, build, and sustain the cities of tomorrow. We are holistically minded, design inspired, and technology driven.


Technology has drastically accelerated the pace of change in our lives - and our communities must evolve accordingly. By blending data and design, we're fostering smarter, more connected residential environments.

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Medical science is helping us achieve longer, happier, highly functional lives. We’re finding new ways to put patients first, and transforming the way we think about aging in place.

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A new generation of minds is reshaping the way we approach education at all levels of learning. We’re connecting pedagogy to design to deliver the best conditions for discovery.

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A new mobile ecosystem is changing the way we interact with and move throughout our cities. We're tapping into new technologies and community intelligence to bring choice and comfort to the urban journey. We are enabling a connected future for cities and their residents.

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