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Corporate Responsibility

Our mission is to define the cities of tomorrow, and our vision is to be the global partner who plans, designs and sustains those cities of tomorrow. Wherever possible, IBI incorporates the principles of sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental stewardship in our projects and we regularly integrate these themes throughout our corporate culture globally.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) practices and initiatives have always been part of our DNA, integral to how we operate, and embedded in our core values.

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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

At IBI Group, diversity is a core defining feature of our identity, our legacy, and our future. That’s why we’re committed to creating an equitable, inclusive, and accessible work environment for everyone. IBI Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer (“EEO”) and committed to creating a culture where everyone has an equal opportunity to grow, develop, succeed and be their truest self.

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IBI Group strives to provide its goods and services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. We can provide any public information disclosed on the website in an accessible format on request from a member of the public.

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IBI Group further adheres to its Safeguarding Children and Young Persons Policy, which recognises that the welfare of children and young persons is paramount such that all children and young persons have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital or family status.

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Today’s complex business environment demands that we firmly embed integrity in our values, our culture and our daily business practices. Integrity means that we always work to the highest professional and ethical standards and establish trust by being transparent, honest and responsible. Integrity is a fulfilment of our high standards of responsibility to our clients, shareholders, business partners, our people and the public, and to the governments, laws and culture of the countries in which we operate. The Arcadis IBI Group General Business Principles (AGBP) further define our interpretation of business ethics and form our Code of Conduct. The AGBP have been developed by global leadership at Arcadis IBI Group (Arcadis IBI) and set guidance for our business decisions and actions throughout the world at all levels and apply equally to company actions and to individual behaviour of all our employees in conducting Arcadis IBI’s business. Arcadis IBI recognizes that true integrity in our daily business will be underpinned by the commitment to the principles of the AGBP of our employees and the third parties we do business with. 


Arcadis IBI acknowledges that the ultimate responsibility for the implementation and application of the AGBP lies with the Arcadis Executive Board and the primary responsibility with the operating entities (first line of defence). The Corporate Compliance Committee is composed of the Global General Counsel, the Chief People Officer (member of the Executive Leadership Team) as well as the Global Compliance Officer. The Global Compliance Officer reports on AGBP integrity, compliance and related (alleged) issues to the Corporate Compliance Committee, to the CEO of Arcadis and the Arcadis Audit and Risk Committee of the Supervisory Board (AARC) or directly to the Supervisory Board. At the Regional level, the Compliance function is composed of a Compliance Officer and a Compliance Committee. Each Compliance Committee includes the Compliance Officer as well as Legal and Human Resource/People expertise. The Compliance function is the second line of defence that assists and supports the first line of defence with identification and analysis of key Regulatory & Policy Compliance risks, trend spotting, mitigation of compliance risks through the introduction of policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines, providing training and awareness and with periodic assessment of the effectiveness of the risk mitigating controls. 

The Internal Audit function provides the third line of defence and the priorities for Internal Audit are defined in an annual audit plan which could include AGBP integrity or compliance related risks. Anti-corruption specific Anti-Corruption Standards (SACS) provide specific guidelines related to gifts, hospitality and payments to third parties. Arcadis IBI has embedded its commitment to the UN Global Compact principle on anti-corruption by referencing the SACS in the AGBP. Targeted anti-corruption training sessions by leadership and by Compliance Officers were held in various regions and countries throughout the year, tailored to local laws and regulations. 

Dealing with dilemmas 

The AGBP cannot anticipate the array of dilemmas we may face in our day-to-day operations in each jurisdiction and sector in which we operate. An active policy in this area means recognizing dilemmas and taking responsibility for resolving them. Arcadis IBI encourages its employees to recognize and discuss business dilemmas with each other and with their management, to make integrity an integral part of our culture. Real life AGBP related scenarios are worked into anonymized dilemmas which are fed back into the business via training to raise awareness and ensure lessons learned are impactful and effective.  

Value for customers 

We are a reliable partner for our clients and aim to deliver our services without jeopardizing stakeholder interests. We offer services under terms that do not compromise our independent professional judgment and aim to create value for clients. We are transparent with clients about conflicts of interest that could emerge during the execution of our services. 

Responsible employment practices 

Arcadis IBI employees are key to its success, and we respect human and labour rights so that our employees may work in a safe, healthy, professional and supportive environment. We encourage engagement and support personal development through comprehensive policies and initiatives. Every Arcadis IBI employee has an equal opportunity for personal recognition, advancement, career development and compensation, regardless of background or beliefs. No form of discrimination is tolerated. The human and labour rights policy was updated in 2021 and applies equally to recruitment, our supply chains and procurement. 

The policy is supported by a three-year Human Rights Roadmap to drive implementation. This policy lays out our ambitions aligned with global expectations for our own operations, our supply chains, including procurement, and for the project work we do for clients. 

Monitoring and accountability 

Arcadis IBI requires all employees to understand, sign off on and comply with the AGBP and SACS every other year when Arcadis employees complete online training aimed at increasing awareness of our AGBP and values. This training specifically addresses issues like corruption, bribery, conflicts of interest, anti-competitive practices, and other risks to which our people may be exposed. First rolled out within Arcadis in November 2020, in 16 languages, it replaced the IBI Group Code of Conduct and Ethics in Arcadis IBI in November 2022.  Employees that join Arcadis IBI must successfully pass the AGBP training within 30 days of joining. The most recent round of integrity training for all our employees was initiated in November 2022. 

Arcadis IBI monitors compliance with the AGBP in all operating companies on a quarterly basis through reporting on AGBP (alleged) issues and mid-year reporting on progress against the annually established Global Integrity & Anti-Corruption Program. In addition, management of all operating companies certify compliance and the effectiveness of global controls relating to the Arcadis Risk Category of Regulatory & Policy Compliance through an annual Document of Representation. 

Integrity Line 

Arcadis IBI has a reporting procedure which includes an anonymous global Integrity Line managed by a third party for the event people are uncomfortable reporting through their line manager or further in the line, to their Compliance Officer or the relevant Compliance Committee. The Integrity Line is available to our employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week in 16 languages. Reports of potential or suspected misconduct or other AGBP issues can be made in native languages.

Arcadis IBI has also introduced a reporting procedure available for its external stakeholders (suppliers, clients and other third parties) to report any concerns they may have that the AGBP and/or related policies are being breached. This procedure includes an anonymous global Integrity Line managed by a third party. The Arcadis Integrity Line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event our stakeholders are uncomfortable raising a concern or reporting suspected misconduct or irregularities related to the cooperation with Arcadis IBI directly with their contact person within Arcadis IBI. Reporting can be made in 16 languages and can be accessed through local telephone numbers or the internet. Arcadis IBI’s reporting procedure is also available for stakeholders to share any concerns they may have that the General Business Principles and related Policies such as the Specific Anti-Corruption Standards, the Sustainability Policy, the Human Rights and Labor Policy, and the Procurement Policy is being breached. 

The availability of Arcadis’ external Integrity Line also ensures our compliance with new regulatory requirements (including the EU Whistleblower Directive) and UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights. Arcadis IBI will investigate, address and respond to the concerns of our stakeholders and will take appropriate corrective action in response to any violation. Arcadis IBI recognizes that reported concerns may be about a third party or be in confidence and Arcadis IBI assures it will be handled as such, without repercussions or retaliation for reports made in good faith. To report a concern, our stakeholders can also send an e-mail to For information about how we process personal data or how to contact our Privacy Office please go to our Privacy Policy. 

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