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Designing the experience, engineering the journey, enabling a connected future

A new mobility ecosystem is emerging, and it’s built on choice. Smart Cities facilitate flexible urban movement through a multimodal approach that champions shared roads, first-last mile connections, and integrated streetscape designs. We all move together.

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Intelligent transportation

Data is driving the design of next-generation urban networks. Modern transportation strategies are demand-driven, conducive to the sharing economy, and embedded with smart technology to keep people more closely connected to their journeys.

We are the global mobility experts in planning, design, technology, operations and maintenance. Our staff span the professions, from engineers to data analysts to interior designers, and we work together to keep your community moving today, and into the future.

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Our transportation solutions are unlocking smarter, faster, more comfortable journeys for both travellers and road and transit network operators. They are designed to work seamlessly together – but are also available as stand-alone solutions.

Traveller Information System

Our traveller information product is a fully integrated, internationally proven 511 System offered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. 

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Advanced Traffic Management

Our comprehensive system gives operators a real-time view of network conditions and incidents, featuring controllable video coverage and message display output. 

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Revenue Collection

Efficient, accountable revenue systems are pivotal to the sustainability of our highway and road networks. Our roadside and back-office systems offer flexible toll collection capabilities with support for a wide range of field equipment vendors and technologies. 

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Event Reporting System

Our cloud-hosted service allows transit agencies to collaboratively log and monitor regional traffic reporting as it happens.

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L.A. First Last Mile Metro Planning

Los Angeles, CA

Working alongside the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Southern California Association of Governments, IBI Group helped establish the first of its kind and award winning physically active network-based strategy for improving station access and ridership throughout the Los Angeles county — with special focus on the first & last mile of a rider’s journey.

Eglinton Crosstown LRT

Toronto, ON

The ECLRT is Toronto’s most significant transit expansion in decades, spanning the entire city across 19.5 kilometres of above and below ground track. When finished, the new line will connect five boroughs via multi-modal stations.

Bristol Operations Centre

Bristol, UK

Developed for the Bristol City Council as part of their Smart City programme, this connected operations centre is designed to provide integrated, city-wide management and service delivery to strengthen citizen living.