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IBI Group Invites Clients to Beat the Blues on Blue Monday

On what many believe to be the most depressing day of the year, IBI Group’s healthcare design team welcomed clients to the London studio for 'Sunlight on a Blue Monday,' an exploratory event conceived to help clients experience design led solutions to beat the blues.


February 20, 2020

Blue Monday is among few infamous global observance days, said to commemorate the most depressing day of the year. While some credit the ‘Monday blues’ to feelings of failure associated with lapsed new year’s resolutions and a lack of progress paying off holiday credit statements, what’s actually true of the third Monday in January is that it’s often one of the darkest and coldest days of the year. This January 20, IBI Group’s UK healthcare design team welcomed clients to our London studio for Sunlight on a Blue Monday, an exploratory event conceived to help clients experience design-led solutions to beat the blues.

Inspired by Director of Design Research, Richard Mazuch, and his career-spanning investigation of the positive effect design can have on the psychology and physiology of patient groups, Sunlight on a Blue Monday offered clients the opportunity to engage with a collection of unique sensory experiences. Stations included a full circadian light demonstration, oxygen and olfactory therapy, and an immersive experiment on the effect blue and red light has on our perception of time, each designed to address a specific health concern connected to the winter blues.

Ultimately, our clients shared in a truly unique experience, learning along the way that solutions for depression and seasonal affective disorder can be born from design decisions, coupled with empathetic clinical care.  We are proud to be leaders in humanizing healthcare design, and thank all those who supported this event, through their attendance or collaboration. Read more about our alternative healthcare solutions here.

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