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The Future of Mobility is Collaborative

Lyft is thinking big about the future of mobility.



September 25, 2018

For a company known for its rideshare offerings, Lyft has made a curious decision to provide real-time local transit information to Lyft users in Santa Monica. By integrating alternative mobility services, Lyft appears to be testing the waters as a one-stop-shop for all things mobility rather than just your average TNC.

According to Lyft’s 2018 Economic Impact Report, 21% of users use Lyft for first-mile/last-mile services when they are not close enough to public transportation. With new access to real-time transit information, Lyft now allows users to make educated decisions on the best form of transportation based on time, preferences, and costs.

Earlier this fall, Lyft began offering scooters as a part of their services in Santa Monica and plan to launch a bikeshare program soon. These multimodal mobility offerings further Lyft’s goal to “end private car ownership”, as President and Co-Founder John Zimmer declared at the LA Auto Show last year. Sound crazy? Lyft’s Economic Impact Report shares that 250,000 Lyft passengers gave up their cars in the last year alone.  Maybe this isn’t such a wild plea after all. Lyft has committed to removing 1 million cars off the road by 2019 but still has quite a ways to go. One million cars or not, Lyft is certainly thinking big about the future of mobility.


Lead image from Wikimedia Commons

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